Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yo Picasso - Us Picasso

Yo Picasso, self-portraits explores the inner-ego of Picasso in a pictorial genre which was much used during his youth, and revisited during some later stages of his life. This exhibition at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona is the first monographic that exposes a thoroughly selected group of self-portraits in a chronological way. 
Self-portraits were of great magnetism during his early twenties, a collection of self-depictions revealing the energy of youth and the confidence of the strong personality of such an influent artist. Later on, self-portraying loses its importance in the entire of his creations, but is still existent, and permits the observer to witness the evolution of his painting: the academicism of the early stages, the blue period, the cubist or the surrealist.
It is interesting to remark that at a certain point of his carreer the traditional form of self-depiction is transformed into other types of self-representations, sometimes quite vague, just perceptible by curios scanning eyes: a shadow, a profile... Making it sometimes hard to realize that we are in front of a self-portrait. Finally, at the very end of the itinerary we encounter the last Picasso, a self-portrait painted the 30th of June, 1972; bare and staring, completely aware of his death to come.

Exhibition at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona until the 1st September, 2013 - More info

Picasso's self-depiction inspired us to self-depict ourselves. Framing images, parts of reality isolated from what surrounds them. Creating changing portraits by the flaming light of Montjuïc's sunset.

A frame guides the view of the observer into what is desired, focuses all the atention in what is inside, excluding it from the outer reality. Portrays life removing an instant to preserve it forever.

Black satin mini-bag by & Other Stories - Stories

Photography by Electric Percival and When Audrey Met Darcy

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