Sunday, August 18, 2013

Encountering Sugar Man


Sixto Rodriguez was in Barcelona last month, and WAMD was there. It was a moment we had been really looking forward to since we discovered this endearing musician in the most acclaimed documentary Searching for Sugar Man. The atmosphere at the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona is always the best to enjoy summer recitals, fresh air and superb acoustics that transform your experience into something magic you will not ever forget.
He came out to stage with some help but once he took hold of his guitar in front of the eager audience, everything went smoothly, flowing from song to song with some nice gestures to the public. He looked used to it as if the stage had always been his natural environment. We enjoyed "Sugar Man", "I Wonder" and "Crucify Your Mind" among others, songs that have become a myth.

Searching for Sugar Man is the Academy Award-winning documentary that made Rodriguez world-wide famous. It explains the journey of two fans in South Africa to discover what happened to Rodriguez, a music phenomenon there during the 80s. A great story of hope and the power of music. A must see!

What the documentary does not tell is that Rodriguez did succeed in Australia before South Africa. And indeed, at the beginning of 1979 he played on tour in 15 aussie cities. And two years later, a live album from that tour was released, fact that made him tour again Australia.

 Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy

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