Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Faceless Part I

Now that we are more and more exposed in our daily life, Faceless Part I exhibition in MQ Wien explores the seductive thought of being unrecognizable, just a shadow, a momentary illusion. Controlling how and who we want to be - or seem to be - just for a while, and then return again to a discreet anonymity.

But there is another reading behind the disguises and veils; a willingness to be seen and noticed, playing with the mysterious duality found in all of us, and of course, the fierce sense of freedom another ficticious reality can provide.

No matter if the aim of the mask is to protect the individuality or, on the contrary, exalt it in several different unique ways, facepieces have been always used.

In literature, famous Dread Pirate Robert, a well-known character in the Princess Bride, or Erik in the Phantom of the Opera. More examples are found in art, from Daft Punk or Slipknot in music, to haute couture from Maison Martin Margiela and their floral and jewelry masks their models wear on the catwalk. The artist Levi van Veluw fom the Netherlands also uses his face to try new techniques. 

Mexican wrestlers, Venetian carnivals, Bruce Wayne and Anonymous all share a trait: they are faceless to us. Their real face does not matter at all, but ironically, is then when the mask - or the absence of face - reveals its best trick: it gets recognizable and an icon per se. Is the mask the one which does not need what is behind, and not the opposite.


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