Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vienna Fashion Week '13

Everybody is talking about the London or the NY Fashion Weeks, but beyond the usual, there are other fashion events that deserve our attention. Bored of always the same? Let's have a closer look into Vienna's greatest fashion happening!

Perhaps not so worldwide well-known, the VFW is rocking the capital of Austria since 2009. National and international designers drew attention to their latest collections, pop-up stores were inviting to discover new designs and several shows were carried out to amuse visitors, fashion victims and onlookers.

Paul B - Preppy funky 'Mr Fox'
Only for men! Distinctive and smart clothes for special guys who want something different: fox patterns, illustrations and creativity in all the pieces of this funny collection.

Irina Schrotter - Mihaela Glavan fashion show.
Vaporous dresses, soft colors and simple shapes with floral touches for outfits that can be easily worn; from the catwalk to a daily style.

Franziska Michael fashion show.
Her vision of fashion is always groundbreaking and flamboyant. Lime, white and copper colours are the leitmotiv of this collection for both men and women. As a curious detail, all male models wore white crocs with white thick socks, whereas female models wore strappy sandals - in the same styleless way! 


Many other wonderful brands and designers were present such as Pablo Erroz, the prestigious label Mark&Julia, Göttin des Glücks - pioneer in the ecofair fashion scene -, Anelia Peschev - delicate and elegant dresses -, Buffet Clothing- free and relaxed contemporary clothes: special attention to their cool jackets and coats! - and so on until 69 creators who shared with us their inspiration, trends and collections.

Vienna Fashion Week -  VFW'13

Mark&Julia website
Buffet Clothing website
Franziska Michael website
Pablo Erroz website

Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy

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