Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art in Venezia (part II)

Getting lost in the narrow streets of Venice is always a pleasure, colourful houses and the smell of clean bed clothes. During this 55th edition of la Biennale di Arte you have an enormous variety of exhibitions and collateral events hidden all around the city, in every campo and fondamenta an old house and its secrets are waiting for you.

 Thierry De Cordier - Mer Du Nord (2012). Paintings of the wild sea.

 Domenico Gnoli - from the series 'What is a monster?', 1967, illustrations.

Jean-Frédéric Schnyder - Apocalypso (detail), 1976-78. Central pavilion.

Pavilion of Venezuela - El arte urbano. Una estética de la subversión (Urban Art. Aesthetics of subversion). Curated by Juan Calzadilla.

25% Catalonia at Venice is the title of the collateral event curated by Jordi Balló which represents Catalonia at the 55th edition of la Biennale di Arte. It shows through pieces of art (from MACBA's collection), personal objects, photography and video the experiences and feelings of eight people in their daily lives, and constructs an interesting image of what unemployment represents to people from a wide social spectrum. Learn more: 25% Catalonia at Venice.

This is not a Taiwan Pavilion - Collateral Event organized by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan. Exploring cultural identity and the urgency of coexistence in today's world.

Ai Weiwei - S.A.C.R.E.D. (detail), depiction of the artist's experience during 81 days of imprisonment: S upper, A ccusers, C leansing, R itual, E ntropy, D oubt.

Rhapsody in Green - Collateral Event curated by Yang Wen-I. Pictures of paintings by Huang Ming-Chang, rice fields.

 Bill Culbert - Front Door Out Back, Pavilion of New Zealand. Bebop (2013); First photo in this post: Level (2013).

Pavilion of Maldives - Achilleas Kentonis & Maria Papacharalambous, Mental Para-Dice Installation. maldivespavilion web.

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Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy

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