Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vienna is unstoppable

 Vienna was bursting with excitement, the Eurovision Song Contest had come to town. The city had been waiting for that moment for over a year, and it was finally here. The Rathausplatz was the epicenter of this event, a replica of the Secession Building was the stage where the event held at the Wiener Stadthalle would be screened, and everyone had their flags ready. Even though the day was grey and rainy, no one could stop the celebration mood. So, as it is said: Europe -and Australia this year- start voting now!

This year's motto was Building Bridges, building connections between distant countries and different cultures. Strengthen links as humans, because sometimes we forget what and who we are, and that after all, we are all people and should be treated equal everywhere.

Even the couches at Museumsquartier were dressed for the occasion, with different designs inspired by all the contestant countries. Brightening up the chill and wet weather of this Saturday.

In the 7th district there is a place called Schon Schön where there was a pop-up store with the designs of Juergen Christian Hoerl -JCHOERL-, straight lines combined with the luxury of fabrics. He is also known for being the designer that Conchita wears in several public events, and there was a small exhibition of some of the bearded diva worn dresses.

-No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow-

Mahatma Gandhi

Photography by Electric Percival and When Audrey Met Darcy

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