Thursday, November 20, 2014

Am Ufer des Neckars

A new day starts by the river Neckar; while the mists in the valley dissipate, the bustle of the city wakes up. Heidelberg, historical German city famous for the country's oldest university, is built in the valley of the Neckar, surrounded by mountains that change colors seasonally. 

In some old taverns we find the tracks of past students that left their marks on wooden tables, signs and scribblings that will last as a remainder of earlier celebrations. 

Am ufer des Neckars 3 photo IMG_0627_modif_7cm_zpsaf28a241.jpg
Am ufer des Neckars photo IMG_07472_modif_7cm_zpsa6295f31.jpg

After walking from hill to hill and up to the castle, we get the perfect view to bid farewell to this day.

The sun setting where the golden river is lost.

Am ufer des Neckars 2 photo IMG_08202_modif_7cm_zps73e316a2.jpg

Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy

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