Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When the city is a museum hall

The world declared as our canvas.

Ephemeral, eye-catching and at times provocative, street art has a preference for directly communicate with the public, free from the art formal confines. Keep your eyes wide open; it can take the most unexpected ways in the districts of Vienna!

Meanwhile, in Barcelona

At 3 Punts Galeria there is a collective exhibition of Urban & Street Art under the title of Abnormal Activity. Great selection of pieces from Banksy, D*Face, Evol and Txemy, among others.
 Left: D*Face - The Tragedy of Happy Thoughts / Right: Okuda San Miguel - Deer Lovers
 Banksy - Trolleys
 D*Face - Dollar
 Daniel Muñoz-San - Ensamblaje 1
 Left: Txemy - ST 1 / Right: Evol - Dieffenbach Backyard

3punts Galeria - Barcelona

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