Thursday, November 7, 2013

All the world's a stage...

All the world's a stage in which the great tragedy of being is played day after day. Moments of joy and moments of sorrow, all them represented with the accuracy and feeling that only time confers.

According to an ancient greek myth, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers. The sandal maker also embellished them with his personal signature... a 'golden wing' buckle.

This is the origin of the greek sandal brand Ancient Greek Sandals, however they also warn you that the magical powers are not included, you can enrich your sandals with your own!

Ancient Greek Sandals - website

NOW on

Photography by Novemba


  1. Nice sandals!!! I also love the new model Litos for men from spring/summer 2014!!!

    1. Thanks Patty! All models from Ancient Greek Sandals are lovely! :)


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