Saturday, February 28, 2015

Books we like #3: Alambre de letras

Alambre de letras (Letters' wire) is the choosen book this time, fourteen pulp-tales inspired by the horrors of the Great War, all of them illustrated by Mikel Bao. Through its pages we find guardian angels, demons in pursuit of the greater evil, mysterious wolfs, androids, zombies and alien abductions; combining historic events with the fantasy of all the great authors that have collaborated in this project by NeoNauta Ediciones. Apart from the quality of the content, the edition is superb. All details have been taken into consideration when printing this 'yellow notebook'.

Among all the short-stories that form this book we would like to specially remark one writen by our friend Miquel Lahoz - El gas de la muerte (The gas of death), a heartfelt letter from a soldier.

In the raw fields of crossfire even the darkest horrors are imaginable.

Photography by Electric Percival and When Audrey Met Darcy

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